Saturday, October 06, 2007

Comparing car insurance

It's amazing how fast one year flies. The time has come for us to renew our car insurance. With all the different car insurance companies out there , it's quite a headache going through the individual sites and trying to get the cheapest quotes. It's amazing how much information we have to fill up. I wasted a lot of time, going through the individual sites one by one and having to fill up all the same information again and again.

I finally got to know about the Go Compare car insurance site, where I can compare insurance quotes from all of the leading insurers for free. This car insurance comparison service enables you to get a quote in four easy steps. You begin by entering your details. The best policy is indicated by their unique five star rating system. This process saves us time - we can at a glance see the best policies that best match our requirements.

Their site mentions that they are independent insurance comparison specialists, not insurance brokers, thus we get the same prices as if we go direct to the individual companies. They do not charge a commission.

Besides car insurance, you can also compare 'Breakdown Cover', 'Motorbike Insurance', 'Home Insurance', 'Van Insurance' as well as 'Travel Insurance'.

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