Saturday, March 15, 2008

New Perdana spy shots

I received some spy shots of a Proton car - said to be the new Perdana.

Front view

Rear view

It does look good.


Anonymous said...

Hi, just to share some info regarding to this new model of perdana. It's look like the new ford mondeo or VW Bora which most of you especially for those from UK's have seen the models. As you all knows that Proton's was still looking for their new partnership company and I'm not sure whether VW were still interested with Proton. However, it is a nice car and will be good competitor with others model in the same class. For those who still think to bring back you r old merc from UK just forget it. Bring back your pounds and convert it to RM then buy your new car here. Adious.

JB said...

I think there are other sedan that looks the same with new model of perdana. do you have any spyshots of its interior


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