Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Washing the engine

I plan to sell off my old Ford Escort. Decided to give it a nice wash before putting it up on the market. Took it to the car wash nearby, just behind "The Pilot" pub on Burnaby road. The rates were not bad - £5 for external wash and £10 for steam washing the engine.


The guy did a great job and my car looks like new (well almost).

My car engine

However, the story does not end there. Yesterday, I was driving to Ikea with my wife, the car suddenly started backfiring and jerking. Quickly drove over to KNS Autoparts Ltd at Foleshill. Found out that a pipe was loose and leaking air (I am not sure from where) and also that water had got into my engine (where the spark plugs are located). So they took my car in for a while and cleaned the engine up. The damage was not that bad - only £10/ The car was perfectly OK after that but what a scare.

My "Auto Story in Pictures Wednesday" post.


kyle parrish said...

Dang! that would scare ya a bit. Check out my blog please and i was wondering if u had any tool distributors too recommend.

croftgateusa said...

If you use a good washing product for your car there is no need to sell your car


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