Top 5 American muscle cars

Americans have always had an obsession with cars – their speed, loud engines and raw power. We’ve dug out the top 5 classic American Muscle cars that embodied these qualities and have become legends among the automotive industry around the world.

Number 5: 1967 Pontiac GTO

The Pontiac GTO was considered the start of the classic muscle car, and in 1967 it had a engine makeover to see it take on a 400 cubic inch enlargement. If you were lucky enough to get your hands on the 81,722 built in ’67, consider yourself lucky to have a classic that pumps 360 hp @ 5100 rpm. For its overall style and “bad ass” appeal we’ve ranked it at number 5.

Random Fact: This car was used in the hit movie XXX starring Vin Diesel (2002)

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Number 4: 1969 Plymouth roadrunner

This classic was described as “muscle without the bells and whistles”. Stripped of over complicated options, Plymouth decided to make muscle as cheap as possible without sacrificing power. It ended up over taking sales of the GTO by 10,000 units which puts this 390 hp @ 5000 rpm in 4th place.

Random Fact: Plymouth paid Warner Brothers studios $50,000 to use the Roadrunner cartoon character to promote sales
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Number 3: 1968 Dodge Charger R/T

After a spell of dismal sales, Dodge decided to change the styling of the Charger to “coke bottle styling”. In addition to the new style, a performance package was now offered as R/T (Road/Track) which turned an average muscle car into a 425 hp @ 5000 rpm monster. For its sheer power and ingenious redesign it gets the number 3 spot.

Random Fact: When the car was released Dodge wrote, “This is no dream car. It’s a real ‘take-me-home-and-let’s stir-things-up-a-bit’ automobile.”

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Number 2: 1967 Chevrolet Corvette 427

Everyone has heard of the Corvette, and it still remains an icon of the pure American muscle car era. 1967 was a special year for the Corvette, not only did it pump out a whopping 435 hp @ 5800 rpm, but included leather seating, air conditioning and many other perks. If you owned this car you were at sexy symbol status, and just short of notoriety it falls to number 2.
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Number 1: 1967 Shelby GT500

Why has Eleanor made it to number 1? The Ford Mustang is the icon of muscle cars and with the magic touch of Carroll Shelby, the Mustang took an overhaul to produce a mean road racing champion. In terms of pure styling, Shelby has the winning look hands down. Being famous does has its advantages, especially in this post – the GT500 ranks number 1 on our list for its style, celebrity status and 355 hp. If you forgot why its become famous, see the video below where the GT500 “Eleanor” outruns the police in “Gone in 60 Seconds “

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Have a favourite American Muscle car that’s not on the list? We value your comments and looking forward to adding your choices to the list of the top American Muscle cars.

This is a guest post by David who writes on the Make and Model Blog, a car blog discussing all things with four wheels. Make and Model are an online classifieds website advertising a range of used cars including Audis, Fords and Alfa Romeos.


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All these are great American muscle cars. Some of these are sold as used cars today, but they are way too cool not to be noticed or even bought. :)

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