Wednesday, December 08, 2010

UK Insurance tips

Talking about my driving experience in Malaysia to some friends. I was relating how much fun it is to drive in Malaysia even though I could only afford a Proton, the national car as imported cars had a tax of up to 300%. At that time petrol cost me less than RM1per litre (approx 20p), though I heard that it has now increased to around RM2 (approx 40p). Compare that with £1.20/ litre in the UK now.

Furthermore, the car insurance was pretty cheap  and if you didn't have any accidents, it becomes cheaper every year. Here in the UK, I have no idea why, but the insurance we pay seems to increase very year. It has gone up from around £300 to £700 now. We have had no accidents in the past 4 years and there is no logic but everyone I talked to told me the same thing and the amazing thing is that people grumble but just pay up in the end as they have no choice..

I recall that the insurance companies once increased the car insurance of everyone here in the UK across the board due to the fact that there had been floods the past year and a large number of cars had been damaged. In other words, they just transfer the costs to the customers.

I used to think that privatisation and lack of governmental control would lead to better customer services and a customer friendly industry but apparently this has not happened and probably the Government needs to come in with some customer friendly legislation and regulations.

Anyway, there are still some great insurance deals out there on the net. You just have to look for it. However, this is easier said than done. Click here for the cheapest auto insurance tips . These might help you lower your premium a bit. For example, it might be a good idea to look at the cars targeted the most by the thieves.

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Alex said...

I know not but I think a friendly legislation to the client is far from happening, it's a complicated case, because the interest is in relation to money, capital gain, in this race who loses is always the client, it is unfortunately a reality!


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