Friday, March 11, 2011

ECJ Ruling Set to Hit Young Female Drivers Hardest

A new ruling by the European Court of Justice could hit female young drivers in the pocket as car insurance companies will no longer be able to use gender as a factor in calculating risk.

The new ruling, passed on March 1, will come into force in December 2012 and from that time onwards, women will cease to benefit from cheap car insurance premiums, despite the fact that they are statistically less likely to have a crash than men.

Car insurance expert Steve Sweeney from MoneySupermarket, believes the new ruling will have long-lasting, wide ranging implications for the car insurance industry.

He said:
"The ruling will no doubt hit female drivers the hardest with premiums rising in line with male drivers. If your car insurance is due for renewal in the next couple of months then you should shop around and buy your new cover as soon as possible before any new rules come into force."

My wife and some of our lady friends are quite unhappy with the ruling. So what do you think?

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