Friday, June 03, 2011

Buying a motorhome

Now that the holiday season is here I can see a lot of caravans and motorhomes on the roads. As compared to caravans, motorhomes are costlier to buy and to maintain. However, they are ideal for people who hate the idea of towing a caravan. If you thinking of getting yourself a motorhome, check out C4 Caravans. When I last checked, they had 195 Motorhomes for sale.

You can search for motorhomes based on condition (new or used), price range, manufacturer and other options. The cheapest was for a Mercedes Spencer Classic (4 berth) for just £1,600.

Having a motor home would mean double taxes and insurance (including my car) but is something I am definitely interested in.

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RK Sport said...

I think it will be cool to owned a motorhome. But, it is still not clear to be the much benefit of it. Hope to find blogs about it.


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