Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fisker unveils the Surf

Fisker Automotive recently unveiled the "Surf" at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The car is styled by former Aston Martin and BMW chief designer Henrik Fisker.

The car is a finished production model rather than a concept car and it's also Fisker's second model to go on sale. The company's first car, the Karma, which was launched earlier this year has generated more than 4,000 orders.

Fisker Automotive has been producing electric vehicles with extended range since 2007. BMW has signed an agreement with the company whereby the German car company will supply Fisker with engines and other components for future Fisker models.

Fisker was formed in 2007 and has raised 1.5 billion dollars worth of investment, with 1500 people employed worldwide.


ISC Coilovers said...

What a terrific brand new car. It would have been better if you placed its specs.

B&G Suspension said...

Fisker Surf combines performance, luxury, style, utility, and economy with an enduring concern for the sustainable use of resources and respect for our natural environment. It would be nice to have this car on my garage.

MOT Castle Bromwich said...

Great car! I wish me and my husband could afford something like this. Keep up the great blog anyway =)


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