Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Mantis Waterless Car Cleaners

A couple of weeks back I received some samples of a new car cleaning products from the guys at JML.

The unique feature about these car cleaning products is that it's water free - yes, that's right. This was ideal for me as I do not have a driveway and I am not really keen on washing the car on the pavement carrying bucket loads of water and soap.

They sent me the Mantis Instant Shine, the Mantis Scratch Remover and the twin pack microfibre towels - one for application and another for buffing.

The Mantis Instant Shine combines a wash, polish and wax and has a fabulous fruity fragrance. It retails at £9.99 from is available on the Mantis site, in ASDA and few other places as well.

I had a slight problem when I roughly pulled the paper cover and some parts of the spray mechanism came off (see pic). However, I was able to  put it back and works all fine.

I followed the instructions and sprayed the liquid over the bonnet of my car (which had been unwashed for a few weeks) and left it on for a few minutes. I then wiped it clean with the supplied application towels and polished the cleaned surface using the buffing towel.

Check out my car bonnet - the left side (top in picture) has not been cleaned while the right (bottom in picture) has been cleaned and buffed. Though not very clear from the photograph, there was a clear visible difference.

I also tried out the Mantis Scratch Remover on some of the scratches on my car. Key scratches on door locks and shoe scuffs can seriously dent your car’s resale value. As directed, I applied the paste to the affected area and rubbed it in a circular motion until my arms ached.

However, it did not do much for the deeper scratches on my car bonnet. I found that it works best with the light scratches  (as shown below). The light scratches are barely visible afterwards.

The scratch remover also retails at £9.99 on  the Mantis site and is also available in a few other stores including ASDA.

This water free cleaning kit is ideal for guys like me who hate hauling buckets of water and soap to clean their cars on the pavements (sidewalk in the US).

Over 500,000 units of Mantis Instant Shine has been sold in the UK and I am not surprised.


Kenny said...

the scratch remover doesn't work as it says ... but the mantis shine works great!

Kenny said...

Agree ... light scratch works fine but not those deeper scratch. and SHINE works great.


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