Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Must-Have New Car Features

You may think the only important car features are GPS and a good insurance quote. While a functioning satellite navigation system and cheap coverage are certainly sought after they are far from the only automotive accessories that can greatly enhance your life as a driver. The last decade has seen a startling number of technological improvements that have made cars much safer and significantly better at performing under stressful road conditions. Equipping your car with the following features will change the way you think about driving:

Anti-lock brakes
Anti-lock brakes are a great example of a popular technology that has evolved exponentially since its inception. While still ensuring that your vehicle will be able to stop on slippery or gravel-covered surfaces, newer prototypes allow your car to electronically control front-to-rear brake balance, known as electronic brake-force distribution or traction control system.

OnStar system
You may know it mainly from their prolific radio commercials but the popular General Motors funded road-side assistance service also offers hands-free calling, turn-by-turn navigation and a number of diagnostic and communication systems that make the premiere in-vehicle security service, with over 6 million customers (though they have recently seen a number of competitors).

Kinetic dynamic suspension
KDSS is an interconnected hydraulic technology that is available in a number of new models, including the Toyota 4-runner and several other sports utility vehicles. Very popular among off-road drivers.

Electronic Stability Control
This computerized system monitors your car's steering and reduces skidding, automatically correcting for poor turns. Your rear tires can compensate for over-turning among your front tires and vice versa. The quickly growing market for ESC should lead to lower prices and continued upgrades.

Side curtain airbags
Transportation officials claim that the inclusion of side curtain airbags could save nearly a thousand lives per year. Designed specifically to protect the head from the side window in the case of a collision, family-friendly side airbags drastically reduce the risk of brain injury.

Remote keyless entry
This technology is pretty common now (it's technically been around since the 80's) but recent improvements and upgrades have made RKS (remote keyless system) a wonderful way to get in and out of your car without dropping groceries or locking yourself out. How it works is the fob sends out a radio signal with a special identity code that only your car recognizes.

It seems there are as many car features out there right now as there are grains of sand on the beach, but many of them are superfluous. The best features are ones that will protect you and your family in the event of collision and assist your vehicle to avoid collisions in the first place.

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SophC said...

Liked this blog post! Definitely all must haves! I am saving up for a new Alfa Romeo Giulietta . I haven't had a new car before , always had old ones that fall apart! Can't wait!


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