Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Aftermarket car and truck Accessories

One of my favourite TV shows used to be the American version of MTV's Pimp My Ride. I loved the way they would take a run down rusted death trap into an amazing dream ride. One of my friends back in Malaysia is a huge fan of the series as well and you should see the way he modified his old Proton 1.8 Wira. Nothing as drastic as in the TV series but he's done a great job - with whole body kit, spoilers, new rims, new wheels and a shiny metallic paint job - the car looks fantastic. I will try to persuade him to send me some pictures.

And it does not stop there. The interiors have also gone through a complete makeover with racing seats, new gear knobs and all kids of gauges on the dashboard. However, he drew the line of coloured LEDs underneath the car ("too fancy")and any modifications to the engine. All he did was change the exhaust and new air intake systems.

Through him, I discovered the world of the car tuning and modified cars. Some guys spend thousands of dollars on aftermarket accessories doing up their cars - sometimes immediately after they get it out of the showrooms. Some see this as an art form while others feel that they are expressing their personality using their cars.

If you are one of those guys - check out the amazing range of new after market car accessories available.

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