Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The new Volvo V40

Volvo has unveiled the V40 at the Geneva motor show yesterday. It is Volvo's first true five-door hatchback.

Roomy interiors.

Volvo is perceived as having the safest cars and they are.

This time, they are not only thinking about the driver and the passengers but even the pedestrians outside. So in case you hit someone, an airbag pops out from the rear edge of the bonnet to cover the windscreen and the front pillars.

And if there is an obstacle in front the car sensors will detect it and brake automatically.

The V40 comes with the option to have the dynamic spoiler fitted with the extra winglets. It will cost money though.

Regarding the engines, there are several versions and I read that both the 150 and 180bhp petrol engines is the same as Ford Focus 1.6. They also have one version with Volvo's own 2.0L diesel five-cylinder engine.

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