Monday, September 03, 2012

Jaguar unveils all wheel drive XJ in New York

Last month, Jaguar launched it's new 2013 model year XJ and XF luxury sedans with the All Wheel Drive™ and fuel efficient V6 engines at New York City’s Highline Park.

The Jaguar AWD is an active torque-management system which uses a performance-oriented rear-drive bias which can shift power to the front wheels to either pre-empt or counter wheel slip. This allows enhancing traction while retaining the sporty agility and steering feel of the rear-wheel drive versions.

The AWD system is paired with a new supercharged 340 horsepower 3-liter V6 engine, with eight-speed automatic transmission and featuring Stop/Start technology.

Jaguar Land Rover engineers spent 18 months testing the new all-wheel drive system in a variety of conditions, including the frozen lakes at their development facility in northern Sweden.


David said...

Who thought that we'd see the day when Jaguar built reliable cars. People use to take the engines out of their XJ-S's and put in a Ford V-8! Times have changed!

Dilip Mutum PhD said...

Hi David, thanks for dropping by my blog. Their fortunes have changed since Tat took over. BTW, I tired to leave comment on your blog but was not able to.


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