Saturday, August 17, 2013

British Auto Legends stamp campaign

Check out what the postman dropped off yesterday: It's a bright red Royal Mail tool box, personally engraved with my name.

I am delighted to be invited to take part in the Royal Mail British Auto Legends stamp campaign - celebrating 10 of the most famous British classic marques:




Inside was a first day cover with letter, the new British Auto Legends stamp collection, a USB stick shaped like a key and containing all the information about the collection including the cars, a ticket for the Cheshire classic, vintage and sportscar show on thew 17-18 of August (which I was unable to attend) and finally, a small stainless steel forged spanner.


The Thoroughbreds
  1. Jaguar E-Type
  2. Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow
  3. Aston Martin DB5
  4. MG MGB
  5. Morgan Plus 8
  6. Lotus Esprit
The Workhorses
  1. Morris Minor Van
  2. Austin FX4
  3. Fords Anglie 105E
  4. Land Rover Defender T10
The workhorses received a bit of flak from the Top Gear team, especially the Ford Anglia 105E, which was the favourite of the British police in the 1960s.

My favourite has to be the Aston Martin DB5, which became famous after appearing in the 1964 James Bond film Goldfinger. This car was launched in 1963 and had a 4-litre (3995cc) engine with 242bhp (5500rpm) and a top speed of 144mph (232kph).

Which one is your favourite classic car?

Visit their facebook page for a chance to win one of these great cars for a weekend.

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