Monday, February 17, 2014

The hi tech new Peugeot 108

PEUGEOT has just launched its new city car - the new PEUGEOT 108. It is clearly targeted at today's connected generation - it features a large touch screen and the Mirror Screen function, including the new MirrorLink and AppInCar connectivity protocols which will linkup with your smartphone seamlessly. The Mirror Screen function operates using MirrorLink technology for telephones running on Android, RIM and Windows, and by AppInCar for telephones running on iOs.

The car is available in two body styles: the PEUGEOT 108 hatchback and the PEUGEOT 108 TOP! convertible which can be personalised in various ways.

By opting for the PEUGEOT 108 TOP!, the customer has the freedom to choose the roof colour: Black, grey, Red Purple. They can decide to suit their taste, according to the body colour chosen. Among the eight colours available, two are exclusive to the model: Aïkinite, a golden copper, and Red Purple, an unusual violet. Reserved only for the 3-door hatchback, two versions of two-tone paint are available: Red Purple and Gallium Grey or Lipizan White and Aïkinite.

The customer can then select from the seven personalisation themes and three interior ambiences. The personalisation themes comprise exterior stickers, shells for the door mirrors, interior stickers, floor carpets, key fob shells (mechanical, plip or Keyless Entry and Starting card) while the three interior ambiences determine the colours of the finishers on the dashboard and centre panel.

Red Purple PEUGEOT 108 5-door hatchback, covered with diamond shaped motifs playing with the light.

PEUGEOT 108, 3-door with two-tone paint, marrying Red Purple with Gallium Grey on the upper parts of the body.

The PEUGEOT 108 offers a choice of six trims. Curitiba cloth is exclusive to the Access trim level. On Active and Allure trim levels, the PEUGEOT 108 hatchback is trimmed with Carolight cloth, a revisited tartan, the PEUGEOT 108 TOP! convertible with Rayura Aïkinite cloth. Leather, exclusive to the Allure trim level, is available on both body styles.

At 3.47m long and 1.62m wide, the PEUGEOT 108 is has quite compact dimensions. According to their press release, its reduced overhangs and turning radius of just 4.80m allow it to avoid with obstacles with ease. The driving position also provides excellent forward vision.

When loading the boot, the PEUGEOT 108 reveals one of its many strengths. The Keyless Entry and Starting card allows the doors to be unlocked, the tailgate to be unlocked and partially opened with just a press on the appropriate button. On opening the tailgate, the shelf automatically folds away against the rear screen and reveals a boot that is generous for the category: 196 litres with the puncture repair kit, 180 litres with the spare wheel. Loading is easy with the low sill, just 77 cm, and a wide 1 metre space between the wheel arches. The initial volume can be extended to 750 litres by folding the 50/50 rear seat backrests.

As for safety, the car comes with a set of six airbags fitted as standard: two frontal airbags (the passenger airbag can be switched off), two lateral airbags at the front, and two curtain airbags covering the front and rear seats. Finally, for the safety of children in the car, the two rear seats are equipped with IsoFix mountings.

As for the engines, there is a choice of four 3-cylinder power units:
- 1.0 e-VTi68 5-speed manual, 88g/km CO2,
- 1.0 VTi 68 5-speed manual, 95g/km de CO2,
- 1.0 VTi68 5-speed electronic, 97g/km CO2,
- New Puretech1.2 VTi 82 engine with 5-speed manual gearbox, 99g/km CO2.

There are two tyre sizes used, 165/65 R14 or 165/60 R15. They are continuously monitored by the Indirect Tyre Under-Inflation Detection system.

The braking system includes as standard, ABS, Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Emergency Collision Braking System and switchable ESP. The braking system is completed by 247mm ventilated discs at the front and 200mm drums at the rear.

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