Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Clarion Builds 974 BMW 2002 restoration project: Renovated Interior revealed

You may recall that I posted about the restoration of 30+ year-old BBS RS 001s rims as part of the Clarion Builds 974 BMW 2002 restoration project, some time back.

Well, they have come a long way and finally revealed what they did with the interior. All the gauges were also rebuilt and every part of the car’s interior was either replaced or reconditioned and re-plated.

They teamed up with CoupeKing and HushMat for the cabin insulation.
Watch the video below to see the fantastic job CoupeKing did with the leather upholstery and carpets.

To finish off the look and feel, the car was fitted with Nardi 390 steering wheel, shifter knob and parking brake handle (both Nardi as well).

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