Saturday, April 15, 2017

Proton Wira Project April 2017 update

Nothing major since the last update. However minor repairs and replacements:

1. Changed the battery.
I went with the Century NS70 Marathoner at Cartech Tyre and Battery Services at Taman Mayang Jaya, PJ. I trust Century batteries and the last one lasted almost 2 years before and I paid RM360 in toal include GST (- RM10 for the old battery). However, I later found out that I could get it for much cheaper on Lazada.

2. Changed the car alarm.
The central locking system started having problems. I initially thought that it was the battery and it worked after I changed the batter but soon started having the same problems a few days later. Tried to get the keys cloned but I could not find one in all the shops I went to - I tried around 4 in the PJ area including Brothers. So one day on my way to work, I stopped by an auto accessories shop Semenyih Auto Sdn Bhd in Semenyih and got the system replaced. Apparently my father had never changed it and the car still had the original box. Cost me 120 for the Enzor alarm set + RM 28 for a new horn (NP10 Siren).

3. Changed the carpets.
The car mats were pretty worn out as well and I got a rubber coir set cut and installed while they were doing the alarms. The damage RM180. I know of a few places where I could get it done cheaper but the hassle of going again to get the new floor mats done is not worth it.

4. Rear boot custom tray.
I had been going around without a rear trunk cover since I threw away the original one which had almost disintegrated. Finally found a Custom Fit PE Non Slip Boot Tray on Lazada which I bought for RM 96.9 with a discount voucher. It may be my imagination but noise inside the cabin seems to have reduced a bit since I put it in.


Brien said...

I have a proton Wira just like yours, and want to tell you that your blog really helps on the cost and upgrade part. Please keep it up!

Dilip Mutum said...

Thanks Brian. Trying to do some of the upgrades myself DIY and learning a lot in the process.


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