Sunday, February 11, 2018

Nasty Malaysian Drivers and Accidents

Have had some really bad experiences with some really nasty Malaysian drivers recently.
A car scrapped my car near the University of Malaya and while I moved to the side for safety, the other driver just drove away.
Spent half the day yesterday reporting a traffic accident at the police station in PJ.
Last Thursday, a lady hit my wife's car from behind in Damansara Utama. They got down and the lady apologised profusely. They had a chat, exchanged contact numbers and agreed to settle. However, they lady said that she did not have enough money and my wife agreed to take the money when she got her salary. I guess this is something not uncommon with a number of Malaysians living from salary to salary. 
Anyway she agreed to come to a workshop near our house in PJ on the weekend to find out the damage and she drove away. 
 We thought it was settled. Next day the drivers' mum, a really rude lady, called up my wife and started shouting.

She wanted us to come to their workshop in Segambut which is nearly one hours away. Later she only wanted to pay only RM150 without even getting an evaluation from the workshop, which her daughter agreed to do. 

She even accused my wife of threatening her darling baby daughter. Mind you, the lady who hit my wife's car is nearly 30 years old. My wife was shocked as the other driver WAS AT FAULT. 
In the conversation that followed, for no reason, she even mentioned that she was an accountant and drove a BMW. WTF has that got to do with the accident. She hung up but the daughter agreed to come on Saturday and settle.

On Saturday, nobody turned up and simply ignored my wife's texts.

The damage was not that bad but their attitude really made us angry. That left us with no choice but to lodge a report with the police. 

We went to the police station in Damansara Utama which then directed us to go to the Balai Polis, Jalan Penchala, PJ. 

Apparently, we were not the only people who has faced a similar situation as there were so many people who agreed to settle but didn't. The police had some advice for us which I thought I should share with you guys.
If you are even in an accident and you are not at fault. 
Stop the car. Take pictures of the damage and the number plate of the other vehicle. Then get contact details of the other driver.
And if the other party wants to settle. Observe the attitude of the person. If you feel uneasy - say that they don't have money or do not agree to accompany you to a workshop to get the damage evaluated - forget about settling. 
Lodge a police report within 24 hours and claim from their insurance even though it may be some trouble.

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