Sunday, August 17, 2008

Review of KNS Autoparts - Ford specialists in Coventry

After I bought the Volvo from Station Garage, I was wondering what to do with our old Ford Escort. Read my post "Ryanair to La Rochelle" in case you are wondering what happened to the car.

I had made up my mind to sell it as scrap as almost everyone I had talked to had convinced me that it was not worth trying to fix - "The cost would be more than it was worth".

Looked up the local newspaper and called up some scrap dealers, enquiring how much they could give me for the car. The maximum offer I got was £100. That was ridiculous considering the fact that the new Barum tyres I had fitted recently cost me £45.

I then checked with my favourite garage - Taxi & car repairs. Unfortunately Mr. Isfaq told me that he doesn't do engine repairs. There's one guy whom most Malaysians living in Coventry send their Mercedes Benz cars for repairs. He told me that it would cost me a minium of £500 to fix the head gasket. That was the same amount that he had charged my friend Ihsan for a similar problem with his car as well. Considering the fact that Ihsan's car was a Mercedes and mine, a Ford Escort, I certainly expected him to charge me less.

By that stage, I really didn't know what to do and had made up my mind to sell off the parts bit by bit on eBay when one of my friends told me to try KNS Autoparts Ltd in Lockhurst Lane. They are specialised in Ford cars.

I didn't really have any high hopes but I called them up anyway. Chris picked up the phone and I described my car and the problem. I couldn't believe it when he told me that he could fix the car and that it would cost me only £300 plus VAT. Of course I readily agreed. They were even willing to tow the car to their garage Free-of-charge.

So I gave them my car keys, told them where it was parked and went off on my holiday to France.

Called them up yesterday morning. Chris replied saying that the car was fixed and I could pick it up anytime. I was actually expecting him to tell me that the car needed more work and that it would mean more money. A lot of dishonest garages do that.

Altogether it cost me £352.50 (inclusive of VAT). It may be my imagination but the ride feels much smoother than before. Of course, it's been just one day but I am impressed with the work the guys at KNS Autoparts have done. Chris told me that I could bring back the car if it has any problems.

If you are in Coventry and have a problem with your old Ford Escort, you know where to go now.

The garage is located at 187, Lockhurst Lane, Foleshill, CV6 5NQ, Coventry.
Tel: 024 7658 1798

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